Top 5 Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai

Landscaping plays really an important role in elevating the ambience and increasing the value of your house. There are many landscaping companies in Dubai that can create the home of your dreams, from installing the pools to keeping your yards well-groomed as per your choice, these landscape companies accentuate the natural features of your home. These companies in Dubai vary from each other in terms of the type of services they provide. With an abundance of open spaces in UAE, it presents a wealth of opportunity for landscape professionals throughout the country. 

Below is a list of landscaping companies with a knowledge of Dubai that you can use to transform your freehold villas in Dubai:


Areej Landscaping is one of the top landscape design companies in Dubai which has been offering its services for the last 15 years. The company provides services which include hard and soft landscaping, waterproofing, installation of automatic irrigation systems and wooden and fabric structures. With a great portfolio of projects, the company has elevated the look of OIA Residence, Palm Jumeirah and Al Barari by adding aesthetically pleasing and culturally meaningful landscapes there. It is located at Building F-4, Dubai


Sunscape Gardening has an experience of over thirty years with a unique approach when it comes to designing and landscaping houses for rent in Dubai. With an open communication system, you can share your thoughts with the team of this company and they bring your thoughts and ideas to life. They have a team of certified landscapers who help you preserve and add customized elements to the lushness and beauty of your place. They offer from lawn and garden care to irrigation and drainage services too. Sunscape Gardening is located at Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.


Green Concept is a reputed landscape designer, builder and maintenance firm in Dubai. It is well known for offering outstanding services across the region. It provides services which go beyond the realm of soft and hard landscaping. Green Concept also helps in inducting water features such as artificial lakes, water blades and fountains and providing erosion control, invasive plant management and removal, wetland mitigation management and environmental monitoring facilities. It is located at Frej Al Murrar, Deira.


Azhar Al Madina is another top landscape company in Dubai which helps you spruce up the look of your home by designing, installing and maintaining landscapes. The company offers services in both commercial and residential landscaping in Dubai. It also helps you with installing a swimming pool or incorporating natural features such as hills, streams, boulders or berms. It is located at Yas Business Centre, Dubai.


Aswat Al Madinah helps you bring beauty and value to your home. Services goes from garden design and indoor and outdoor water features to stonework and paving too. They provide even installation of fibre-optic lighting systems, which is not done by many landscaping companies in Dubai. It is located at International City France cluster Q8, Dubai.


So friends, these are all Top 5 Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai. I hope you liked this information about landscaping companies in Dubai and this article will be useful for you.

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